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Products :: Soumaks and Cicim

Soumaks These are flat weaves, but made from a technique of wrapping the warps and wefts. The result looks a little like a tapestry, with a telltale untidy back. The untidy threading at the back serves as a kind of under-padding, so that soumaks do work well as floor-coverings. The structure is very durable. Cicm These are kilims with embroidery.

Bakhtiari Chuval

Code: S-19k
Width: 85.00 (cm)
Length: 194.00 (cm)
Price: £175.00


Code: Me-7
Width: 80.00 (cm)
Length: 100.00 (cm)
Price: £115.00


Code: Me-8
Width: 80.00 (cm)
Length: 104.00 (cm)
Price: £115.00

Sivas Cicim

Code: Os-44
Width: 129.00 (cm)
Length: 188.00 (cm)
Price: £450.00

Yuozgat Cicim

Code: Yu-162
Width: 153.00 (cm)
Length: 243.00 (cm)
Price: £150.00