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Products :: Runners

These are not made to cover a stairway. They are "long carpets" which serve well for a hallway. Among the more beautiful ones are Kurdish pieces, now very much in demand. These do not always lie straight, but hopefully that will be part of their charm. Sometimes large kilims are made in paired stripes which are sewn together. Singly they would function as runners.


Code: Eo-66
Width: 81.00 (cm)
Length: 285.00 (cm)
Price: £520.00

Kagizman, Kars

Code: Can-6
Width: 112.00 (cm)
Length: 327.00 (cm)
Price: £720.00

Kagizman, Kars

Code: Can-7
Width: 107.00 (cm)
Length: 364.00 (cm)
Price: £850.00

Karapinar, Konya

Code: Can-2
Width: 134.00 (cm)
Length: 359.00 (cm)
Price: £650.00


Code: Or-12
Width: 122.00 (cm)
Length: 301.00 (cm)
Price: £650.00

Malatye, Kurdish

Code: Ay-2
Width: 92.00 (cm)
Length: 293.00 (cm)
Price: £995.00

Malatye, Kurdish

Code: Ay-20
Width: 113.00 (cm)
Length: 325.00 (cm)
Price: £1600.00

Malatye, Kurdish

Code: Ay-15
Width: 122.00 (cm)
Length: 373.00 (cm)
Price: £1600.00

Obruk Cicim

Code: J-686
Width: 90.00 (cm)
Length: 352.00 (cm)
Price: £375.00


Code: D-12
Width: 84.00 (cm)
Length: 302.00 (cm)
Price: £650.00