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Products :: Prayer Rugs

Muslims need to pray on a clean surface, and they often carry a small rug for this use. Traditionally the rug has a central design, which represents the inside of a mosque, known as a mihrab. This may simply be an outline of the architecture, or it might include a pendant lamp or even the tree of life. The rug when in use would be aligned so that the top of the mihrab would point towards Mecca. Some of these prayer rugs can be very large and some have a double mihrab because they have the design mirrored top and bottom. In our stock we have a child's prayer mat in bright colours and with a mihrab inside a mihrab inside another mihrab and so on. The idea here is that as the child grows he or she can still find the right sized mihrab to keel on.


Code: Yu-42
Width: 126.00 (cm)
Length: 92.00 (cm)
Price: £185.00


Code: M-118
Width: 122.00 (cm)
Length: 104.00 (cm)
Price: £250.00


Code: Yu-38
Width: 142.00 (cm)
Length: 90.00 (cm)
Price: £210.00


Code: D-37
Width: 115.00 (cm)
Length: 71.00 (cm)
Price: £105.00


Code: J-127
Width: 113.00 (cm)
Length: 71.00 (cm)
Price: £80.00


Code: Os-4
Width: 144.00 (cm)
Length: 90.00 (cm)
Price: £225.00


Code: Eo-123
Width: 106.00 (cm)
Length: 79.00 (cm)
Price: £145.00


Code: J-114
Width: 114.00 (cm)
Length: 72.00 (cm)
Price: £125.00


Code: M-108
Width: 130.00 (cm)
Length: 93.00 (cm)
Price: £525.00


Code: M-113
Width: 143.00 (cm)
Length: 101.00 (cm)
Price: £725.00