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These are actually camel bags, usually hanging on either side of the animal. They are traditionally used to carry a vast array of different items, including grain even. Often you will find a functional old-fashioned darn to close a hole. Some are decorative on only the front and some on both sides. Usually these are soumak weavings but some are kilims with cicim work. Today collectors use them as wall-hangings and the more pragmatic put them to use as floor cushions. We sell them as chuval, but understand that camels are not common in many countries. If you do want to buy one as a floor cushion we will be happy to get an inner (made to measure) for that purpose. Often a chuval refers nowadays to these items opened out to serve as a floor-covering or wall-hanging. We are inadvertently probably the biggest supplier of Turkish chuval in the UK, although we are very open to anyone proving us wrong on this point!

222Test Short

Code: Test2
Width: 48.00 (cm)
Length: 34.00 (cm)
Price: £345.00

Adana Yoruk

Code: Yu-102
Width: 81.00 (cm)
Length: 52.00 (cm)
Price: £250.00


Code: M-k21
Width: 160.00 (cm)
Length: 109.00 (cm)
Price: £310.00


Code: M-29k
Width: 131.00 (cm)
Length: 119.00 (cm)
Price: £375.00


Code: M-k29
Width: 106.00 (cm)
Length: 70.00 (cm)
Price: £250.00


Code: S-47k
Width: 106.00 (cm)
Length: 68.00 (cm)
Price: £85.00


Code: Yu-48
Width: 144.00 (cm)
Length: 138.00 (cm)
Price: £100.00


Code: Eo-36
Width: 96.00 (cm)
Length: 53.00 (cm)
Price: £78.00


Code: J-611
Width: 105.00 (cm)
Length: 73.00 (cm)
Price: £55.00