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Please note that all the items shown on this site are for sale, and the price quoted is net of postage, insurance, and packing costs.

aims to provide real business opportunities for carpet and textile producers in developing countries, by establishing outlets for their products in the UK and the European Union.

This includes support for the setting up of workshops in these countries so that traditional skills are passed on to the next generation, and so that a community may establish an economic base in a country where most of the financial certainties expected by businesses are not available.

Honesty and proper business practices are central.  We would see these as key to the recovery of a country.  And we are interested in helping with training and support towards this end.  These kinds of projects need to become economically viable.  For this reason, we operate as a business, rather than as a charity.

The rugs and kilims we have at the moment have come mostly from Turkey, bought at fair market prices.  The prices you are getting are set to recover a modest profit only, and in some instances dealers may find the prices attractive too.  We welcome trade customers, of course.

The stock consists for the most part of items which represent the practical lives of villagers and nomads in these regions.  We have camel bags (chuval), saddle-bags (heybe), divan cushion covers (yastik), wall-coverings, door-pieces (kapunuk), prayer rugs (seccade), runners (yolluk), and various larger kilims, rugs and carpets – made from wool usually.  And we try to hold a range that reflects the diversity of products available.  Many of these pieces have been put to their ordinary uses by families before they have reached us.  All are handmade, usually by those who fit their rug-making craft into other tasks such as caring for fields, animals, and family.  No hand-made rug will be perfect; in fact it is generally agreed that the overall symmetry or design is made attractive by the digressions and variations within it (manufactured goods will be “perfect”, but rather lifeless).  An excellent example of this is the contribution of “abrash”, where variations in dye coloration give rise to a banding effect especially apparent in the rug’s field.  

We have on display at Ludlow Castle, mostly Turkish items.  But we also stock work from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, and Afghanistan.  If you are interested in seeing more we would welcome your visit to our showroom.  Please telephone 01938 561333 for an appointment.